Something From Nothing

Collage created as a visual sample to highlight the possibilities of design sprinting. Students spent a day creating drawings with a variety of mediums such as pen & ink, acrylic brush, sponge, bamboo ink pen, graphite stick, sharpie, and calligraphic markers. Students created a series of drawing reacting to a subject call. Objects, places, typefaces, lettering, word-phrases, animals, vegetables and minerals were created in a matter of minutes. Two hundred-thirteen sheets of newsprint were created and exchanged. Final drawings were photographed and bit-mapped through a series of tonal and contrast adjustments.

Whole sheets of black and white images (at 600 dpi) were distributed for further sprinting techniques.

The image Tokyo Happiness is a concoction of four students work(s). Bitmaps have been assigned color and background colored graphics were created to “fill” in drawings.

Graphic Projects included:* (will be updated)


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