HAWK — Hildesheim, Germany Exchange Program

Poster Photography © Charlinda Brewster, Hildesheim Exchange, Germany — HAWK, 2010-11

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The UW-Stout School of Art and Design and Fachhochschule Hildesheim/Holzminden (HAWK) have established a student exchange, which swaps UW-Stout students with German HAWK students.

The focus of the HAWK program is on art and design studio classes. This academic year program offers Stout students an opportunity for language development, cultural exchange and learning experiences in the art and design field.

Students are accepted to study on the exchange program a year in advance and are encouraged to take German language classes to prepare. Accepted students will have various scheduled meetings with the Art and Design International Studies Committee, present German students and past Stout students that were at HAWK. These orientation sessions are important meetings that help prepare our students for their year in Hildesheim. Students will be advised to correspond with their German exchange partner one semester prior to their study at HAWK. Students arrive in Germany in September, one month early, and usually travel on their own for 1-2 months after classes finish.

The curriculum at HAWK is focused solely on art and design. German students must go through a rigorous process to attend this program. Thus Stout students have an opportunity to work with high caliber, advanced students in the field of art and design.


To enhance awareness and promote study abroad experiences, Art and Design study abroad students, studying for one semester or more, will be required to exhibit their art & design work in a group exhibition in the Gallery 209, upon their return, as organized by the Art & Design Department’s International
Studies Committee. Students in short-term programs are not required but encouraged to participate. While the work is on exhibit, students will be expected to organize the appropriate faculty and the program director to assess their work for related study abroad credits, as needed. Students returning from HAWK will exhibit their work in September and students returning from all other programs in February. Students will also be responsible for submitting a complete electronic portfolio (CD, DVD) of their work to the Program Office by the end of their exhibition week.


The courses at HAWK have an art and design studio focus and are offered in the following concentrations: graphic and product design, interior architecture and art metals. Students work at their own pace to complete a project by the assigned deadline. This type of teaching style lends itself to a self-directed learning style. Former students have commented on what a challenging and excellent experience this was for them. Classes are taught in a different fashion at HAWK than they are here at Stout. There are fewer daily class meetings. Projects are assigned and deadlines arranged.

  • Art & Design Department’s International Studies Committee

If you would like more information on any this program or other Art & Design Study Abroad programs please visit Stout’s website for the Office of International Education http://www.uwstout.edu/intl or email questions to the Art & Design International Studies Committee, blumn@uwstout.edu.


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