Three Phases of Design

Three Phase DesignDiagram, Three Phases of a Project

Research and Investigation

I) Research and Investigation is the key to developing design solutions. During this phase, the scope of work, problems and criteria are determined. The thoroughness of information obtained in this phase determines the success of the solutions.

Concept and Design

II) Concept and Design is the phase when potential solutions are conceived and developed, based upon information gathered in the first phase. At the conclusion of this phase, the final designs and copy are completed, then reviewed and approved by the client.

Implementation and Supervision

III) Implementation and Supervision is the phase when the production of camera-ready artwork or adjustments to disk art, photography, and illustration are done. Artwork will be prepared clearly and accurately for maximum
efficiency in the printing process. Final production will be discussed with the client and production considerations handled. At the conclusion of this phase, all final artwork-scans, photography, or illustration-will be approved by the client and sent to the printer for reproduction. Alterations or corrections can still be
made, however, changes at this stage are expensive and will delay final delivery.


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