2x Article Page Composition

Project Three Part Three

Subtle Hierarchy


Each series of compositions will start with a 10″ x 10″ composition in InDesign.
Each set of compositions will exclusively use the type family LT–Adobe Univers (provided on R2•D2)

Create ten (10) Compositions.


Mathematical grids divide space and suggest placement of text. Page
divisions are used to group similar parts of information, or used
to create a visual contrast of organizational elements. Simple page
divisions can be used to suggest horizontal and vertical
similarities and alignments. Use spacial page divisions to align
and organize two articles of text. Each article has its various
parts that need to be identified with its body of text. Use subtle
variations to identify each grouping of information. GD1_PRO3PT02_2xArticle_CompSample-1 GD1_PRO3PT02_2xArticle_CompSample-2

Two article single composition example.

page criteria:

  1. Document Size: 10″ x 10″
  2. Non facing pages; Number of pages–1
  3. No page margins
  4. Create an equal number of guides dividing the
  • Base the columns according to the page
  • Zero space for gutter
  • Equal divisions of columns and rows (of your choosing)(be inventive) For example: 1″ x 1″, 10 col /10 rows.; 5/5; 6/6; 20/20; 9/9, etc.
  • Use divisions to produce subtle hierarchy compositions
    between two articles of copy (See supplied text)
    •  Title
    •  Sub-title
    •  Author
    •  Article text
    •  Pull “quotes”

Create a PDF file with a full collection of your compositions.


Text Resources

GD One Project Three 2x Articles Text  [File]
Notes: Use both Article One and Two (provided) for your single compositions

DesignObserver web log and visual archive.

Graphic Design The New Basics



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