Project: 4 Disunion

GRIDS: Systems and Structure

System and Structure Project

Disunion Project Brief

Now that we’ve had a chance to play with how a grid can work — how type can interact with it, how content can be organized within it — we’re going to increase the complexity of our problem. For the next phase of this project we’re going to design book spreads using a similar grid, but with more diverse content and hierarchy, extended across multiple pages. We’ll start by designing eight pages but in the end, we’ll add four more for a cover and back cover. We’ll wind up with a small sales BLAD for a book called Disunion about the Civil War.

Our text content will be two stories from the New York Times series about the 150th anniversary of the civil war and our images come from the Library of Congress. We’ll all be using very specific style sheets and page grids, but again I have no doubt we’ll see a great deal of variability in the outcomes. You will be the image editor, you will determine the rhythm pacing, you will design the structure of the pages.

To get started, everyone will make the following InDesign document:

Page size = 8” x 8”
  • Set your unit rulers to Points in your preferences

Set the following parameters for 
your master page:

  • Outside margin = 24 pt., all sides
  • 12 columns, 12 pt. gutter
  • 9 horizontal guides (rows) with, 12 pt. gutters

Set up two style sheets:

  1. “Body” = 10 pt. Akzidenz Grotesk BQ regular with 12 pt. leading
  2. “Captions” = 7 pt. Akzidenz Grotesk BQ regular with 8 pt. leading

Download all the content (and font!) from R2•D2. Set up your file. Read the stories. 
Look at the images. Come to class on Monday ready to work with three (3) files prepared with all of the content placed in them.

This Week: Bring three (3) designs to class, each trimmed to the edge. Refine one design to temporarily saddle stitch before we go on to further revisions and cover designs.

• • •

Disunion Cover Design
Disunion Interior Sample w- Grid

DESEDU Disunion Text File


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