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DES220 — Introduction to 2–D Digital Imaging

Project Three



  • To develop an understanding and be able to utilize the tools of Adobe InDesign.
  • To explore design, creativity and composition by composing a 4-page magazine spread.

Dwell Magazine four page publication design sample

Fig. 01 — Dwell Magazine cover design sample


 Fig. 02 — Dwell Magazine back cover design sample

Redesign a Dwell Magazine Article, which can be found here – www.dwell.com

  • Design a Four page magazine style spread using Adobe InDesign. Choose an article from the archived magazines that they have listed.
  • Many of the articles come with a slide show, in which you must use the images for your design spread. Choose an article that has at least several paragraphs in it so that you have some text in which to work with. Choose a slide show with a minimum of seven (7) images
  • The magazine page size is (8.5” x 11.0”). Feel free to use a physical Dwell Magazine (glossies) as a sample and inspiration for your layouts. Copy and paste text and images from Dwell.com, adding them in to your project file and place them into InDesign. You will need to develop, create, and upload a four page magazine spread in PDF format to the dropbox.
  • The specifics: layout needs to include a minimum of 6 images to relate to the idea you are presenting, and at least 5 bodies of text, titles, and/ or other text based information of various size fonts. You may need to use Adobe Illustrator, and/or Adobe Photoshop along with the skills you developed on the previous two projects, for all of your imagery.

Dwell Magaizne Article, multi-page publication [PDF File]

Your Final spread needs to have:

  • Minimum 6 images for the layout.
  • Text overlapping an image or object,
  • Text around an object or image.
  • Utilize a grid and columns within the spread.
  • Sidebar
  • Call-outs


  • Cut-out
  • Opacity
  • Folio headers

Dwell Magazine article Double page design sample

Fig. 03 — Dwell Magazine article Double page design sample

Design Development:

  • Two (2) different sketched solutions for the 4 page layouts. Meet with instructor to choose the best idea.
  • Spreads need to utilize appropriate imagery that is bitmapped and/or vector based.
  • Use text from an article at Dwell.com for the article.
  • Pages do not need to be numbered.

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