Fig. 05**

Resolution 72ppi

Resolution and pixel depth

Fig. 01; 72 dpi, w: 180pxl h: 180pxl, w: 2.5” h: 2.5”, Res: 72ppi

Fig. 02; 150 dpi, w: 350pxl h: 350pxl, w: 2.5” h: 2.5”, Res: 150ppi

Fig. 03; 300 dpi, w: 750pxl h: 750pxl, w: 2.5” h: 2.5”, Res: 300ppi

Fig. 04; 1200 dpi, w: 500pxl h: 500pxl, w: 7.0” h: 7.0”, Res: 72ppi

Each image was sub-sampled (resized), up and/or down to WEB standards; each forced to w: 500ppi h: 500ppi.

Note: examine the size variation and amount of pixel resolution distortion. The graphics were the same exact size, starting with the larger resolution (300 dpi) in each of the three studies.

* Fig. 04 was exported from Adobe Illustrator as a 72dpi jpeg file. Save for web and devices… resized to 500×500. Fig. 04 shows the letterform “O” as editable font, outlined font, and its vector control points.
** Fig. 05 depicts all four layers combined, multiplyed, and colored upon each artwork file.


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