Something From Nothing: Design Sprints

Part Two: Student Samples


Day One: anonymous Content generation

Using alternative drawing mediums (other than a pencil and pen) create a drawing based on a given theme, category, or subject matter. The time frame will be between 3–5; 10-15 minutes. Random topics such as: letterforms, alphabets, animal forms, vegetables, patterning, textures, people, portraits, indexical signs and symbols, and geometric shapes will be announced. Alternate ideas of randomness will be encouraged. Drawings may be exchanged, borrowed or stolen.

Day Two: final work in progress

On the second day of the scheduled workshop, participants will have created a series of design “sketches” of semi-finalized designed ephemera. Choose a design medium and concept of your choosing. Add depth and breadth to your initial ‘sprinting’ compositions. Do not add any other illustrations beyond those generated in class by yourself or classmates. Consider augmenting content:

  • Write text/copy
  • Adding support text
  • Photography
  • Typeface
  • Color
  • Texture


Collaborative Group Project

The third session is about creating a collaborative publication project using the first two days as a model for content generation. A collaborative project is considered and determined by the class. A rewarding collaborative project may take the form of a book, zine or other publication. Suggestions, mediation, and direction will be provided to guide the decision process. Topic, subject matter, duration and rules of engagement will be determined as a group. Once the project and subsequent topic or theme has been determined, the class will be broken down into two to three person groups, which are directed to work as a collaborative team to generate all the content necessary to fulfill the project goal. Each team will then submit their contributions for collation. Publication can remain in a digital format, but must be ready for publication or dissemination across social media platforms/channels.


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