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Raster vs Vector

Project Two

Pixel Graphics & Object Graphics

Create a digital diptych exploring concepts of raster and vector imagery and text.

This first design project explores some of the major topics presented in our past reading on ‘digital  images.’ This visual exercise will begin to deal with concepts of high/low resolution (pixel graphics), greyscale, bitmap, ppi/dpi, editable type (vector based object graphics), type as image, CMYK, line art, color modes, tiff images and file types used for digital production.

Content (text) for this project must use language associated with topical concepts discussed from reading. All imagery must be self-generated and produced accordingly. You may use any digital camera at your immediate availability; this can include your phone, DSLR, or digital camera. Image content does not have to fully represent/mimic
editorial content.

Project Two: Raster vs Vector

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