Student Work(s)

The work(s) featured here is a multi-disciplined image audit representing an edited collection/sampling of student work over three academic years; 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14. As full time faculty in the School of Design at the University of Wisconsin–Stout I presented assignments to a variety of challenges & coursework in: Graphic Design One, Graphic Design Two, Publication Design, 2D Digital Imaging, Digital Type Design, and Independent Study in Zines.

I was adjunct faculty at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design fall 2016; teaching a Digital Production class to Junior and Senior design students.

The student work(s) chosen and presented here, represents the top 20% of student work generated during a series of assignments during each semester. The work here does not necessarily represent a top grade (A) but work which I personally can be proud to display as fully acknowledging the project/assignment intent and push/pull the project brief creating something uniquely beautiful/stunning/memorable. The edited collection is not a top ten, ‘A-only, or popularity assessment. I have had a series of talented and dedicated students — each have  uniquely taught me a great deal about the subject of design.

I have made every effort to document, and identify, each students submission, appropriate for the class, and individual projects (5-8) presented each semester. All student submissions are meant to display the exceptional quality of student work created through my tenure at UW–Stout and MCAD. The student work selected, and displayed, follows all university policies to ensure student privacy, allowing academic faculty to present student work(s) as supplemental documentation to verify/confirm personal teaching experience and illuminate personal pedagogy.

All work(s) presented here remains the unique intellectual & creative property of each selected student.

©2011-2014 Department of Design, University of Wisconsin – Stout.
Menomonie, WI. U.S.A.

©2016 Department of Design, Minneapolis College of Art and Design.
Minneapolis, MN. U.S.A.

©2011-2016 Photographic image documentation and archive, John P. Corrigan.

Student Submissions:

UW-Stout: coursework

  • Graphic Design One
  • Graphic Design Two
  • Publication Design
  • 2D Digital Imaging
  • Digital Type Design &
  • Independent study – Zines

MCAD: coursework

  • Digital Production