Extended Typeface Concept




Develop a concept for a typeface or type family of your creation. The single restriction is that it must be a full typeface using every character that FontStruct offers. (See above character set)


  1. Begin your concepts on grid paper; use a larger drawing tool if necessary.
  2. Translate your refined sketches to FontStruct.
  3. Refine, embellish and alter letterforms strokes, blocks/units.
  4. Create a full character set:
    • a–z [lowercase]
    • 1–0
    • and a full punctuation set
  5. Examine the potential of:
    1. Brush strokes
    2. Half-tones or bit-maps
    3. Modular Letterform using a limited set of repeated design elements
    4. Dingbats
    5. Icons
    6. Kit-of-Parts
    7. Patterning


  • Create a typeface and/or type family
  • Examine both UPPER and lowercase character sets
  • Consider how you may use the typeface in the future
  • Examine the potential audience and how they may use, or abuse it.
  • Make your typeface an expression of you and your personal design sensibilities


  1. Digital Typeface/Family
  2. JPEG file used as example file FontStruct.
  3. Expansive and inclusive typeface promotional piece; utilizing the full demo text sampling provided. (PDF Files)
    File: 12_UWS_DTD_FULL_demo_text.rtf
  4. Exhibition Materials (Date TBD)
    • Exhibition Poster
    • Postcard
    • Exhibition Graphics
    • Window Display
    • Exhibition Catalog (specifics TBD)
    • DTD Type Foundry Bog (?) Digital samples, downloads, link to FontStruct, designer bios.

Student Submissions:


| Samantha Abramczyk

| Mikala Dale

| Daniel Thiede

| Sean Rueter

| Katy Verbrugge

| Mitchell Pantzke

| Jay Miles

| Melissa Pfingsten

| Sara Koller

| Nate Mallow