LETTERFORM: Type prototype

Develop two concepts for fonts whose forms relate to both a 10-x-10 grid of squares and a 9-x-9 grid of circles (template sheet provided.) Each unit in the grid must be either “on” or “off.” You have no curves or true diagonals. Start by tracing or pencilling on the dot sheets provided or graph paper before starting work on the computer.


Represent the letters A B C P Q R H and M in capitals only. Consider proportion, weight, and structural features such as height of cross bars, how elements end, how to accommodate curves and diagonals within the grid of squares, etc.

You may need to create several variations to each of the letterforms to get a well defined series of shapes. Give each your typefaces a name.

Student Submissions:

| Mikala Dale ‘George ƒ’

| Sean Rueter ‘Igantor ƒ’

| Jay Miles – type family x3