We Make Adventure With What’s Called Choice

Project: 3


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Production: Blurb.com
Size: 7” x 7” small square
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16 pages per student, 11 students, 176 page of content
Front matter, masthead, T.O.C., process, index, credits, title, ½ title, cover, back cover.


More than 8 people; 2 MUST be strangers

  1. Design sixteen (16) pages that utilize the acquired data set to present a fictional character, which encapsulates a personality created by you.
  2. The entire class will collaborate to determine: subject, criteria, page design, interview categories, book dimensions, title, and working methodology utilizing the data set provided by classmates.
  3. All answers are pooled — generating a data set of questions and answers generated by the interviews
  4. Determine a visual interpretation; everyone has to include illustrations and photography. Visual material can reference: the question, answer, process, personality, criteria, background statistics, out-takes, and/or categories.


  • Everyone writes a series of questions that address each of the fifteen categories plus the sixteenth base question.
  • Record peoples responses in some fashion.
  • The answers and information gathered would act as the data set for the group/class in which design solutions will be designed for.
  • Record your process; take notes on location, body language, side comments etc. The out takes may also be documented or presented.
  • Create a fictional character based on the data set provided by the class research. Use the data set to create a visual portrait of that character over a sixteen-page spread.
  • Class to collaboratively determine the over all story arch that links the characters together in some way. This narrative needs to be created; ideas included a specific place like a jail cell in which they have all found themselves in (mostly due to the underlying and common 16th question; maybe they were protesters, spectators, witnesses etc.)
  • Both an introduction and conclusion need to be determined and written to link the characters together in some manner.
  • TBD — Include as author introductions the questions answered by each of you.
  • Documentation and research statistics:
  • Name (or anonymous), when, where, relation (family, friend, stranger), method (in-person, email, social network, phone), age, sex, and interaction notes.

We Make Adventure With What’s Called Choice

Timothy Hirschey
Susan Lepro
Hailee Mierow
Ashley Moncrief
Leah Monson
Mackenzie Owens
Micayla Sipe
Caitlin Teague
Daniel Thiede
Lou Vang

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