WinTerm 2012

DTD Digital Type Design Studio

February 10–16, 2012
University of Wisconsin – Stout
Student Gallery, Applied Arts 209
 6:30 – 7:30
 Monday February 13, 2012

DTD Type Studio presents Aesthetically Fly, an exhibition presenting a collection of typefaces created by design students from UW–Stout. Both the typographic systems and experimental typefaces presented in both this publication and exhibition are the direct results produced from a dedicated group of student designers during a three week special-topics art studio class in January 2012. The Digital Type Design Studio was created to study the systematic methodology of typeface design, students responded to three projects exploring the creative expression of type design. The collection of artists and designers looked at the unique history of expressive, experimental and modular typefaces in efforts to inform the design process. Students were taxed with a series of projects designed to push each of them as designers and form makers.

Typography and Design

Alexa Wellock
Leah VanWettering
Sean Rueter
Jay Miles
Katherine Forslund
Katy Verbrugge
Samantha Abramczyk
Allison Crosbie
Shanna Knueppel
Sara Koller
Nate Mallow
Daniel Thiede
Mitchell Pantzke
Melissa Pfingsten
Mikala Dale